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Good Avalanche The Architect Blog

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Here's What You Need To Know About Avalanche The Architect
This one is for you if you love pop and rap. Avalanche the architect, who is a rapper, brought 90s hip-hop back into the mainstream. The New Song Talk The Talk by Avalanche The Architect debuted almost one month ago. It was a huge success, receiving more than 150,000 listens. The new track was inspired by the story of rappers being charged for their lyrics. Avalanche was also charged with his lyrics. Avalanche is sweeping the globe through his rap songs. His videos get millions of views. His Twitter feed is often updated , and he has thousands of Likes. Avalanche is a businessman who is also successful in running his own social media company. His YouTube channel is overflowing with his amazing rap videos. Each video he posts draws a lot of followers each day. Avalanche is admired from across the globe due to his exceptional talent and passion. See this Toronto Rapper blog for updates.

About Avalanche The Architect
Avalanche is a phenomenal 90s rapper, is working to change the music scene by bringing his music to the forefront. Avalanche was raised in America, and he has spent the majority of his time in America. He currently lives in Toronto. His aggressive and ferocious rapping has a unique and distinct style of delivery matched with a rhyme structure formed in a way that is unlike any other. His vocal power is balanced out by the lyrics which tell the tale about his life. He is committed to his art because of the discipline he's learned through the years of his personal and professional MMA training/fighting. His image is growing in recognition online with numerous videos on Youtube. Avalanche, an Toronto resident has been recording and working on an album that is full-length as well as an album mixtape. He hopes to release both in the coming year.

Toronto rapper Avalanche is no fan of controversy. The song "Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga Kill Shoot Shoot Kill" has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. The 5 minute, 40 second wartime anthem has the lyrics of 57. This is literally more than 10 references in a minute. Do not get me wrong even though it has violent lyrics, this song is a masterclass in similes and metaphors. It also features clever wordplay and punchlines that could knock top-notch boxers off their feet. "I don't give you a chance when I give you an opportunity" or "Rubix cube like I'm spinning the block" The song lasts for more than five minutes. This song is an homage to Canibus's 100 bars at the close of the 90s. Avalanche is perhaps the most famous lyricist in the game. I think it's because of the deep loud rough voice that he sings the ferocious bars sometimes overshadowing his next-level lyricism. If we're talking about bar-heavy lyrics, I'd put him up next to Big Pun and Lloyd Banks. Have a look at this Roney dgc website for info.


You can tell that Avalanche isn't making up stories of people he hasn’t met. This is the thing that makes his music enjoyable. He stated, "There isn't a city social club that doesn't get me. Just ask the mob I'm killing contract killers in my solitude". I wasn't certain if he was indeed a contract killer however, Avalanche met me at College Street's Portuguese cafe/social club. The area in Toronto Canada is known for its "Soprano-type" activities. I was amazed at the ease with which he integrated as an African-American in that setting. Avalanche explained that his name comes from his martial art coach. He said that when he did fight, it was like an Avalanche, and his neighbors in his neighborhood were referring to him as the "Architect" because he had close relationships with everyone.

Hanging with Avalanche throughout the day helped me to witness the Architect side for sure! After the social club I was at a clubhouse for bikers in which he was the man of honor which brought my mind back to the song "Lyrical Mastery" where he says "I'm at the clubhouse along with the one percenters who are in the in the clubhouse, talking about the way you got your steppers" it becomes more evident that Avalanche wasn't just rapping , but was offering the listener an insight into his life. In conclusion, I'd say don't sleep on Avalanche The Architect, this is the only real rapper I've ever encountered that raps are in line with his personality as well as his life.Blogs such as Vlad tv and Dj Akademiks appear to be scared of real rappers like Avalanche which is the problem with the game so I'm hoping this will bring him the recognition he deserves. Have a look at this twitter blog for more.

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